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Music for Life, 2014
Presenting in an international conference the web guide on regional participatory music and audience co-operation, a publication produced by the EU-funded project Music for Life ("Musiikki elämään" in Finnish) which I was lucky to be the director of in 2011-2014.

photo: Pekka Elomaa
The Metropolia Orchestra, 2012
Conducting the 50-piece Metropolia Orchestra in May, 2012. We sold the Savoy theatre of Helsinki out with a concert entitled The Great American Songbook. Later on, we recorded most of the repertoire in studio, to be released as a CD in the autumn of 2012.

photo: Markku Lempinen
European Jazz Orchestra, 2011
The European Jazz Orchestra of 2011 poses in Vildbjerg, Denmark during the rehearsals for the orchestra's European tour in April, 2011. I had the honor of conducting this great multinational orchestra of outstanding musicians and writing new music for it.

photo: Per Bech Jensen
Boston, 2009
After giving a lecture on jazz composition at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. Here with Kari Juusela (left), Dean of the Writing Division, and Ken Pullig, Chair of Jazz Composition Dept. Later that week I conducted some of my music with the Berklee Jazz Composers' Big Band.
Imatra, 2006
Rehearsing Big Band II at the Imatra Big Band Summer Course, which is held annually in July in connection with the Imatra Big Band Festival. Boy, that summer was hot!

photo: Jenni Frilander
With the EMTA Big Band, 2006
In concert, conducting the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Big Band, Tallinn, March, 2006.
With the Radio Romania Big Band, 2006
Rehearsing the Radio Romania Big Band in Bucharest, Feb. 2006. We had a wonderful concert at the Radio Romania Music hall that week, featuring Pauliina May on vocals.
Jere Laukkanen, 2006
With the UMO Jazz Orchestra, 2005
Conducting the UMO Jazz Orchestra in May, 2005, in a concert featuring some of my new compositions.
Saimaan Sävel 2004
Conducting the final concert of the national songwriting contest Saimaan Sävel in Lappeenranta, Finland, Aug. 2004. The vocalist is the ever-soulful Riitta Keränen.
Basel, Switzerland, June 2004
I was teaching at the 2004 IASJ Conference held in Freiburg, Germany. This was one of the students' gig venues.
Swinging with the Güiro, 2003
Onstage at the Pori Jazz festival, Finland, July 2003.

photo: Paula Herkman
The secrets of polymeter, 2003
Teaching at the National Pop & Jazz Summer Camp, Nakkila, Finland, July 2003.

photo: Paula Herkman
JLACJO at the IBBF, 2003
Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra giving a concert at the Imatra Big Band Festival, July 2003. That's me wearing a white shirt.
JLACJO at the Helsinki Festival, 2002
Onstage with my own orchestra at the Huvila venue of the Helsinki Festival, Sep. 2002. Nice lights, huh?
Estonian Dream Big Band, 2002
Me (far right) conducting the EDBB in Tallinn, Estonia. The concert venue was built inside the beautiful ruins of the ancient Pirita convent. The vocalist is Pauliina May, with whom I've worked successfully during many years.
JLACJO at the Tavastia Club, 2001
Conducting my orchestra at the famous rock club of Finland, the Tavastia in March, 2001. We barely fit onstage...
Celebrating the debut album of JLACJO, 2001
Posing for the press with Yoel Terry (left), Sami Pöyhönen and Lenni-Kalle Taipale while celebrating our first CD release Jere Laukkanen's Finnish Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra.

photo courtesy of Helsingin Sanomat
Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, 2000
The orchestra posing for the CD leaflet during a recording session at the Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.

photo: Nina Nordin
Jere Laukkanen, 2000
photo: Nina Nordin
Could you sing this for me? 2000
Me digging into my scores and Pekka Pylkkänen (to my left) digging his nose during a recording session with JLACJO. Behind us you can see Ari Jokelainen and Yoel Terry on saxes.

photo: Rami Eskelinen
Conducting a rehearsal, 1997
photo: Seppo Sorvali
Jere Laukkanen Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, 1997
I'm in the front row, first from left.

photo: Seppo Sorvali
With Lenni-Kalle Taipale, 1997
With Lenni-Kalle Taipale on the piano, during a JLACJO recording session in August, 1997.

photo: Seppo Sorvali
With Mario Grillo and SBB at Hesperia, 1995
This is Mario Grillo of the Machito Orchestra (USA), with me conducting and singing with the Settlemen Big Band at the Hesperia Winter Carnival, 1995. Front row of the band from left: Grillo, Sami Pöyhönen, Pauliina May and me.
Badu & Afrodjambo, 1990
I played a couple of years in the bands of the great Senegalese guitarist, Badu N'diaye. From left: me on the bass, Tommi Lindell, Badu, Tuomas Peippo and Ismaila Sane.

photo: Toomas Volmer / IS
The young funksters, 1988
I had a funk band for a few years, with a name like a mathematic equation: X=X. From left: Tommi Lindell (keys), me (bass & lead vocal), V-P Suomalainen (keys), Arto Tuuli (drums) and my cousin, nowadays the one-and-only Sound Damager (for The Rasmus, ao.), Smoju Paju (guitar).
The Guitarist, 1981
This is taken from a recording session - I guess the year is 1981.
Rockin' with Ray, 1980
On tour with the American Rock 'n' Roll figure, Ray Campi. From left: me on guitar, Ray, Ari Hanninen.
The flute and me, 1977
Me as a yougster, blowin' the flute. I guess it's something by Pink Floyd...
Thriving from a riff, 1977 (?)
Soloing with the OYK Brass Band. Note the even-younger Pekka Pylkkänen in front of me, in clarinet!
Me and the axe, 1976 (?)
The young aspiring guitarist here...

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